Updating google autofill

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Updating google autofill

London-based author Aaron Gillies decided to let Google Autocomplete give him a hand in updating his CV.

The results were both brutally honest and hilariously weird.

Sorry Aaron, but we're not sure these skills are the right fit for any job.

Gillies listed his date of birth as "born to love you," a detail I'm not entirely sure any employer would be comfortable with.

Smart Autofill will work even if a few cells are not filled in the non-autofilled columns, however, the autofilled/predicted value for those rows may be less accurate.

Some of the filled columns can contain text and others can contain numeric or categorical data (like in the used vehicle example)."I am trained in gorilla warfare and I can prove it mathematically," reads Gillies' professional qualifications. I need money so I can purchase apps on my i Phone," Gillies continues. Google’s Chrome Web browser is equipped with an autofill function that retains form data.However, if the column value represents a single entity, then you wil most likely get better performance if you replace spaces with underscores. Suppose you wish to add another column to the data that represents the city in which the vehicle is being sold, you should replace all the spaces with underscores - ex. If you run into any other issues, please email [email protected]: Suppose you wish to add another column that represents a comment/review about the vehicle, then you should keep the text as is - ex.

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