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This resulted in Trifunović effectively being fired from the movie and young Milutin Milošević cast instead for the role of Gavrilo.

Towards the end of shooting, the movie's cinematographer Miljen "Kreka" Kljaković walked off the set, reportedly over not being paid in full the agreed upon amount in his contract.

When the Great War formally erupts following the Archduke's assassination, the new recruits of the village march off to the front lines, leaving the invalids behind; many of those who remain willfully and irresponsibly take sexual advantage of the soldiers' wives and sisters.

News of this reaches the Serbian High Command shortly before the battles commence; in response, he summons the invalids and places them at the front lines, in an attempt to effectively deal with the guilty parties.

Listed as its founders and owners were the following businesses: Zillion Film (production company owned by Lazar Ristovski), Yodi Movie Craftsman (owned by Zoran Cvijanović and Milko Josifov), Delirium Film (owned by Srđan Dragojević), and Maslačak Film (owned by Biljana Prvanović).

Additional production entities involved were Oskar Film from Banja Luka and Camera from Bulgaria.

He had already started pre-production in 1998 under the regime of Slobodan Milošević and then once again in 2001 when he shopped the story around by offering it to the new government under prime minister Zoran Đinđić, Things changed under the next cabinet of Vojislav Koštunica as the movie got approved funding and went into production.

The movie's production company was an ad hoc legal entity called "Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu" – a one-off company registered and established for the purposes of making this film.

However, as the film was about to go into production, a row over creative issues erupted between him and Lazar Ristovski, one of the film's producers who also plays the role of Đorđe the gendarme.S jedne strane bili su telesno sposobni muškarci, a s druge invalidi veterani iz dva prethodna balkanska rata.Potonji su navodno iskorištavali odsustvo sposobnih vojnika i predstavljali ‘opasnost’ za njihove žene i sestre.The movie starts with the Kingdom of Serbia, as part of the Balkan League, battling the remaining Turkish occupiers during the First Balkan War in 1912 and ends with the outbreak of World War I in 1914; namely, the crucial Battle of Cer, first allied victory in World War I.It is largely set in and around a small village by the Sava river near Serbia's border with hostile Austria-Hungary.

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Released in mid March 2009 in Serbia and Republika Srpska (March 11 in Belgrade, March 12 in Banja Luka, and March 13 in Niš) to much media coverage, the movie received mostly lukewarm reviews.