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In addition, he worked at JP Morgan Entertainment Partners and Sanctuary Music Group.

Representatives for Screening Room declined comment, as did AMC and the major studios.

Five years ago, major studios attempts to offer first-run movies in the home months early set off a fierce standoff with theater owners.

Now, a startup backed by Sean Parker of Facebook and Napster fame is trying to encourage Hollywood studios and exhibitors to wade back into those controversial waters.

There have also been efforts to create technology that allows consumers to watch major studio films in the home.

Prima Cinema, for instance, boasts a box that allows customers to screen new releases, but is priced at a much steeper ,000.

As an added incentive to theater owners, Screening Room is also offering customers who pay the two free tickets to see the movie at a cinema of their choice.

But attendance has been essentially flat in recent years.

However, some exhibitors worry that they would essentially be midwifing their demise by agreeing to shrink the windows — which continues to be a hot-button issue for theater owners.

Regal, for example, has steadfastly refused to screen any films whose backers do not agree to a standard exclusive theatrical run of roughly 90 days.

Called the Screening Room, the company offers secure anti-piracy technology that will offer new releases in the home on the same day they hit theaters, sources tell .

Individuals briefed on the plan said Screening Room would charge about 0 for access to the set-top box that transmits the movies and charge per view. To get exhibitors on board, the company proposes cutting them in on a significant percentage of the revenue, as much as of the fee.

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In addition to Parker, Prem Akkaraju serves as CEO of the company and its co-founder.

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