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Petition on behalf of Theodore Green, Brattleboro, Vt., for appt. Senator Dudley Chase and Congressman Horatio Seymour, c. "..think that by schooling him the publick patronage will not only be made conslusive to the publick benefit but productive of much private good." (Green's naval career spanned 45 years, retiring with the rank of rear admiral in 1876.) To her son, Lony [Alonzo] Griswold [Idaho]. concerning the manufacture of starch from potatoes.

Account of a visit made to Vergennes, Vt., trip on a boat - a new stove - the carpet "Elizabeth" is making - purchase of a pair of snuffers and tray. 1 in Highgate, Vt." Lot now occupied by Frank Root who operates a small tobacco lot there.

Four documents relating to his trial and eventual acquittal on charges of being a Tory during the American Revolution; copy of New York Supreme Court acquittal of Apthorp, October 30, 1783; statement by Richard Morris, New York Supreme Court Justice, asserting Apthorp's innocence, May 18, 1784; statement by George Clinton, New York Governor, in Apthorp's favor, October 31, 1792; ALS by John Jay, in Apthorp's favor, January 1, 1793. Volume 6, Number 6 of a handwritten student newspaper, to be read aloud by Villa Abell and Ellen Houghton; includes an introduction by the readers, a poem on the Civil War, and an essay, "The Schollars [sic] Hope". 1, and several Vermont Masonic bodies and councils; one ALS, from the City Clerk of Burlington, transmitting the city's resolutions to Ballou's widow. Contract for Bell, of Halifax, Vermont to deliver on "Clapp's Patent Crank Fire Engine" to the Watertown Fire Company; describes the engine in detail, including accessory equipment, engine to cost 0. Letter from Camp Griffin, Virginia, to Bixby's brothers, concerning his life in camp, "the men are getting hard drills now all the afternoon and two hours in the morning." The sixth regiment has lost more men than his regiment has, "the measles was the trouble with the men the most or the biggest part." Encloses an invoice [not preset] for 59 cattle, sent via Mr. Petition to support the Liberty Party ticket for national and local offices because of its antislavery position. Conant, Cyrus Davis, Jacob Estey, John Fowles, Charles C. 17 and March 2, 1789; tells from whom lands were obtained and to whom they were sold.

The letters concerns the room and board being paid by the Vermont State Commission for the Deaf and Dumb for Boardman's daughter Esther. Six resolutions of mourning upon the death of Ballou; passed by the City of Burlington, the Freemasons of Burlington, Burlington Hook & Ladder Company No. Discusses possibility of getting his brother appointed Consul to the Canadas, and northern Vermont mail-routes, November 30, 1860; discusses political patronage and dispensation of offices in Vermont, February 4, 1861; discusses national politics and the Civil War, with strong criticism of Mc Clellan and the Democrats, October 17, 1864. 1851; deeds dated 1860, 1866, 1869; indenture, 1827; writ of attachment, 1840. Bissell and wife Sophia, Salmon Bissell, and Lucinda Willson, indentured apprentice. Autobiographical recollections written for his children, by the second Episcopal Bishop of Vermont; considerable detail about Bissell's early life, family, Randolph, VT, University of Vermont. 19 and March 24, 1789; similar list for New Huntington, Vt., sales by Chittenden on Feb. Fenton, Paul Howe, editor of Bennington Evening Banner, Dorothoy Canfield Fisher, and Centrak Vermont R.

of Vermont probably can be had from the University librarian.

Frank Culver; 1846 April 7, Bill - Stephen Bartlett, Huntington, Vt., to the Town of Huntington, Vt, for one pair of shoes for Polly Sweet. Discusses impact of Jefferson's Embargo in Champlain Valley, tells mother not to fear for his safetly; highly critical of Jeffereson administration and the Embargo, thinks it unenforceable except with 10,000 soldiers. Willmarth and her husband, Isaac Mason Willmarth, of sea voyage to France, where they engaged in Bapist missionary work; details of trip, other passengers, impressions of New York City before sailing, etc. Brown also records spring weather conditions in 18 (cold and snow). Discusses financial aid to Poland, supports it and says carefully channeled funds will aid freedom in Poland, not communism; reminds listeners of U. failure to help Hungary during Russian invasion of 1956, urges that U. Contents include an autobiographical sketch, comments on the Vietnamese Conflist, modern poetry, polititcal affairs in India and the worldwide Catholic-Communist conspiracy. Knapp, Metomen, [Wisconsin] concerning corps, fertility of the land, etc. Includes one Civil War letter, July 17, 1864, to his family from Washington, DC. The account book includes records for activites associated with court trials (serving writs, transporting witnesses). Diary of a poet from Bridport, Vermont written while in Holliston, Ma, 1965-66. Refers to "Chittenden's letter" to the president (of Congress) in answer to the resolves of the 20th of August last:"It is Jesuitcal and will bear different constructions." Letter from A. Certificate of membership in the American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia awarded to Samuel Moor of London. On Mallary's proposal to transcribe scattered records/lists of Vermont's civil & military officials into one bound volume; Galusha approves of the idea, but suggests Mallary wait to get approval from the Council if the job will entail much time or expense. James Wilkinson's troubles (Burr Conspiracy), thinks Wilkinson's accusers will wind up in more trouble than he. On same sheet a note from David Kingsland against Jonas Vanderhoef. Discusses Washinton social life; expects war with England, says US will fare badly; Madison will be next President, already arranged; news on Gen. Adams' Shaw Place, 1842, August 30 1846, March 18 Enosburgh, VT 2 ALS, 5pp.

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Author enlisted August 23, 1862; Company C; acting Sergeant-Major until appointed Jan, 23, 1863; mustered out July 14, 1863. Tells Cist he can probably obtain the autograph of Middlebury College president Calvin B. 1 in Highgate, Vt., Jesse Carpenter and Orange Seward witnesses to original agreement between S.

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