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But because he was impressed with the script, Picker recommended to Broccoli and Saltzman that Dahl take a shot at You Only Live Twice — a suitably weird project.

They don’t care if Bond drinks his martinis shaken or stirred, so long as drinks many of them, sadly.Using some ideas cooked up by the producers and screenwriter Harold Jack Bloom, including the fake-burial at sea that opens the movie and the volcano base of super-villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Dahl wrote the script and handed it off to director Lewis Gilbert, who, Dahl said, mostly directed the thing as it was written, aside from the rewrites Dahl would do for him when necessary on set. “If you really want to know, I was rather surprised that they didn't.Although he told Soter he enjoyed the process, Dahl said he was disappointed with the ending of the movie, which was mostly left up to the director. I think I did a good job, and it was done out of nothing.Dahl wrote his adaptation according to a formula he was given by the producers: You include three women as love interests, kill off the first two, and end the movie with Bond in the arms of the third.“And there is great emphasis on funny gadgets and love-making,” he added, aptly.

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