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If you want to feed your chickens grit, go ahead but it isn’t necessary. To reheat, place foil wrapped burritos in a preheated, 350° F oven for 20 minutes.While tortillas are heating, in small pan, stir together black and refried beans. In small pan, heat bean mixture on low heat until beans are warm and slightly bubbly. Layer on tortilla, ½ cup bean mixture, then scrambled eggs, and top with 2-3 teaspoons of salsa, or salsa to taste. If you like them cheesy, top with extra cheese and place in oven just until cheese melts. Don’t microwave as this changes the texture and taste.I only feed my chickens commercial food during the winter if the natural source is scarce.Chickens are natural foragers; hunting insects, worms, and greens.This includes lettuce, beet greens, kale, or whatever green scraps you have in your kitchen.I’m a dumpster diver, so whenever I see the markets and stores throwing away vegetables, I gather them for my girls.During my years as a backyard chicken farmer, I’ve explored many choices and have narrowed it down to six items I consider the best for egg layers.• Meat Protein – Protein is essential to egg production.

No…I don’t put calcium pills down their throat; I feed them eggshells.

You may need to add some water to get desired consistancy. Because your hens use a lot of calcium laying eggs, it’s important to add calcium to their diet.

With wire whisk, beat eggs with milk and salt and pepper. Most local and online feed stores carry oyster shell as a calcium supplement.

Those beautiful, large, orange yolks, synonymous with fresh eggs, don’t come from a diet made solely of grains.

For healthy chicken meat and eggs, you need healthy chickens eating a healthy diet.

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When feeding your chickens, don’t solely rely on commercial chicken feed.