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Even as extreme Columbia hype, devastating business hassles and Spence's tragic mental collapse threatened to blow up the band, the Grape continued to make immortal albums, including 1968's Wow and the magnificent Moby Grape '69. Moby Grape, in their prime, were also one of the Bay Area's--and America's--best stage bands, like the Beatles and Rolling Stones in one, with a breathtaking triple-guitar attack and stunning vocal harmonies.

Their Columbia debut LP, Moby Grape, issued in June 1967, is still acclaimed as one of the greatest rock albums ever--a thrilling union of blues, soul, country, surf twang and day-glo garage rock, packed into original killer-pop songwriting.

The group's founder, frontman and bass player Phil Lynott died in 1986 from drug-related causes. Sitting By The Window (Monterey Pop Festival '67) 12. Curtis Knight and his keyboardist take the songwriting credits and rarely show creativity. Murder In My Heart For The Judge (RAI, Amsterdam'69) 15. Jimi Hendrix is not the central character on this album. Featured Guest Appearances: Kid Rock, Neal Schon (Santana, Journey, HSAS), Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen, Chickenfoot)), Taj Mahal, Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn), Toby Keith, Nancy Wilson (Heart), Bill Church & Denny Carmassi (Montrose), The Wabos and more on a epic collection of 10 songs! This is a career-defining record for Sammy, where he masterfully assembled a diverse selection of songs that delve into rock, country, blues and pop.

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