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Dating dynasty

Just as with the original '80s series, the rebooted (premiering Wednesday, Oct. on The CW) follows ruthless oil magnate Blake Carrington (Grant Show) as he impulsively marries his employee Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley), much to the shock and horror of his ambitious daughter Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) — who thought she was going to inherit the COO position of her father's company instead of his new bride — and environmental crusading son Steven (James Mackay) — whose status as an out and proud gay man brings no shortage of tension between him and his father.also manages to fit in storylines dealing with women's equality and rights, LGBTQ relationships, race, immigration, poverty, environmental issues and politics.Flaunting an obscene amount of wealth on a television show is nothing new — audiences certainly love a fantastical escape.But a new television series debuting in 2017 about a Southern oil tycoon family, aka the one percent of the one percent, sounds more than a little problematic given what's going on in the country right now.This is definitely not the same show from 30 years ago."My biggest hope and desire for the show is, we're not trying to tell people what to think or how to think, there's no political agenda or anything like that," Kelley tells Bustle about getting political."What I really hope we are is a mirror reflecting back to society what people are already seeing in their lives."Dressed in head-to-toe pink Stella Mc Cartney on set in Atlanta in between scenes, Kelley makes sure to pay her respect to the original, iconic series while explaining that it only reflected a "certain section of society.""A lot of people tuned in and didn't see themselves on the original show," she says.

I pray that many lives are touched through this book.

"For so long, so many communities have not been represented on television and this is a show where everyone can tune in and find themselves somewhere.

I think that's really important to make a show that's technically about the one percent actually about everybody and weave in general human stories.

I wanted to encourage other people who may need a little boost." The book includes chapters with inspirational titles such as "Think Happy, Be Happy," "You Can Only Fix You," "Let Your Smile Change the World" and "Shake the Hate." In the first chapter of the book, Robertson writes, "If there is one thing my family hears a lot, it’s this: 'Happy, happy, happy.' ... I know that not everyone has a happy family, but we can still choose to live a happy life because happiness starts with what’s inside of us, not with what we have or do not have.

If we can think happy, we can be happy." Other sections of the book touch on topics that Robertson deals with as a teenager, such as dating and her choice to refrain from sexual intimacy before marriage.

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"My boyfriend is very supportive of me publicly displaying my decision to be pure until marriage," Robertson told Inside Edition.