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On their fifth album THE CON, the 26-year old Canadian twins use an intricately varied sonic backdrop (provided by Death Cab for Cutie producer Chris Walla) to express the chaotic thoughts—mostly having to do with the angst of relationships—shooting around their heads.

Through music and lyrics, they try to communicate the incommunicable; many of the songs express a desire to penetrate the barriers that our brains put up.

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Though, we always want to feel like we’re taking that next step. So the kinds of questions I ask myself — “Why did I get my heart hurt? But I do feel like I have a specific responsibility to be open and out. You can express commitment by getting married or by buying a couch together. Win FREE Music: Enter to Win The Con by Tegan and Sara being gay for me is hard and my parents arent open about it so i have to hide it and it stinks but i deal with it the best i can and i will probably tell them when im ready you guys are awesome i love your music and your so hott great interview. i love the comment on it being all about commitment and how you can express commitment by getting married or by buying a couch together. More voices: Adult Ent | Art | Bi | Business | Celebrity | Charity | Circuit Party | Comedy | Community | Dance | DJ | Drag | Fashion | Film/Movie | Gay | Lesbian | Local | Model | Music | Politics | Social | Sports/Fitness | Television | Theatre | Transgender | Writer Serving the Chicago gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Info on this site is strictly for entertainment purposes.Though it all might sound a bit dark and heavy, the end result is ear-catching, melodic, and as deeply satisfying as a great therapy session.Raised in Calagary, Alberta, Tegan and Sara have been making music since forming a “garage duo” when they were fifteen years-old.I think her lyrics express the intensity of that kind of commitment.She’s also been grappling with things like life passing by, the anxiety of death, loss—the kind of things you think about when you wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes when I finish the song, I don’t remember writing it. ” It’s like a dream—it comes from some kind of unconscious place. We grew up in an alternative household, and our family was very accepting. We both have strong feelings for women, but we also have strong relationships with men. When Sara started dating a girl at 15, it was definitely a problem for a couple of weeks.

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“I just want back in your head,” goes the chorus of the first single.