C progress bar not updating

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C progress bar not updating

When the user clicks on the Button, we set up a timer that increments the # records loaded each time that it ticks (twice a second). You’ll often want to let a user know that something is happening in the background in your application.(Note–to use the Dispatcher Timer, you need to use namespace System. For example, you might be processing some records or calculating a result.Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load cs = "Initial Catalog = KRADB; Data Source = .; User id = lab; Password = 'clrscr2010'" sqlcon = New Sql Connection(cs) sqlcon. Close() dt = New Data Table sda = New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM KRAWEEK WHERE STATUS='INITIAL'", sqlcon) sda. ' *See DT_Row Changed Update Increment = 100000 'De Enable any controls you may not want the user to touch until the 'load is complete. Row Changed 'Handle a row change 'Do not access any controls from this procedure Static counter As Integer = 1 'first make sure the row is being added If e. Count then i set the progress bars max value to the count(*) and whenever i begin my loading process, each row that i return i increase the value 1 im sure there is a more efficient way though, just dont know of it Private With Events DT As New Data Table Private Delegate Sub Async Delegate(By Val value As Integer) Private Progress Updater As New Async Delegate(Address Of Update Progress) Private Data Loader As Async Delegate Private Data Loader IAsync As IAsync Result Private Update Increment As Integer Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. ' ie if total recs is 1,000,000 set the progress amount to 10% of that. In this case I have a hard coded '100,000 Which is 10% of the million records that I know I have.You could use a simple busy indicator to show that something is happening.But you may also want to show how much of the operation is complete, giving the user a sense of how much work remains and how fast the work is being done.This article describes how to perform basic CRUD operations in an Asp.Net MVC application using Entity Framework with Ajax call and jquery using Datatable Grid , Toaster messagebox and also Bootstrap css.

Net Entity Data Model Select this EF designer from the database.

We do the work on the background thread to avoid blocking the UI thread.

But we’re not allowed to update the Progress Bar from this thread because we aren’t the thread that created the control.

You can add view without layout and also with the layout.

Step 7 : Add Css of bootstrap, toaster css, datatable css and bootrap Js, jqueryjs, datatablejs, toasterjs, bootboxjs, which is described below.

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Instead, we update progress by setting a property that we then bind the Progress Bar. When you display a Progress Bar to show progress on some background task, you often know how much work needs to be done and how much of the work has already been done.

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