Asp net c listview itemupdating 11 dns updating

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Asp net c listview itemupdating

While still in design mode click on it’s smart tag, click Edit Items.. Click OK and from the “ddl Genres” properties make sure you change the Append Databound Items from false to true. In the next window, select the Movie Store Entities named connection we created before and click Next.

Now we need to append the Genre items using an Entity Data Source control. Finally choose the two columns we are interested in, Id and Name of the Genre table.

Build your application and make sure Insert works just fine.

You cannot edit at the moment any review cause we actually haven’t create the respective template.

Right click your web site and add a new item named Movie Entities of type ADO. Click add and then press OK if prompted to create App_Code folder in your solution automatically.

Continue by selecting Generate from database option and make sure you configure your SQL Server connection properly so it points to the right Movie Store database.

In design mode click the ddl Genres list and check the Enable Auto Post Back property.

At the moment they display only raw text but I am sure you got the idea (you can run your page to test it).

There is one more template we will add later , the .

Click next and continue by selecting the right tables Genre, Review for your entity model.

Leave the default name for the namespace Movie Store Model and click finish to exit the wizard.

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